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BOOK-203 (part 2) Star Wars translated - NASA receives Federal government DEATH SENTENCE orders for Boyle's LAW of Gases ..thus the creation of the Las VeGAS death sentence / murder by programmable human bio-computer Rolando Cardenas

Book-203 Part 2   analysis by Herb Zinser translates books and their possible messages.

List of topics ......
* Star Wars and the SYMBOL MACHINE Lando Calrissian  ... proper noun  ......
approximation WORD  attacks
* Philando Castile
* Orlando Florida PULSE nightclub shooting
* Rolando Cardenas
*  atomic social sciences
* Margaret  Mead and FermiLAB atomic communication  protocol violations
* Pier Oddone
* Boyle's LAW of gases  and  NASA  bomb DEMO on Boylston Street in Boston
* Transfer RNA  ..  transfers the BOSTON DEATH Sentence to Las Vegas GASES region
to issue the Federal rigged BOSTON  Marathon trial  ....  DEATH sentence
* Heisenberg's Uncertainity
* Sun Prairie Wisconsin and Solomon
* Axiom of Choice TRIAL of Mark D. Totzke
* amino acids
* Brain road maps ..language maps
*  Nevada  and STATES of MIND
* Linguistics /  language and the Pentagon
* Penning Trap
* logarithms
* the sugar molecule expression continuum with Mark Zuckerberg and Deepak Chopra
* bio-radio
* IBM SNA and the SNAKE River project
* double-blind experiment
* human bio-computer and their   BLOG ping
*  Samuel BECKETT and the Kettle Moraine High School
* Bose-Einstein Condensate and Kathryn Stalbaum  deoxyriBOSE
* Sub-conscious MIND of India  ..EARTH systems
* city of light
* salt  treaty
* Madison brain schemes  and Rim Rock road
* digestive system
* cotton
* code word LUKE and Kant
* Obi-Wan Kenobi and the battle for Nairobi, Kenya
* uterus
* CZECH echo
* Sam Shepard and the Bay Village murder ..Bayes Theorem
* Pabst farms violations of Bayes theorem
* Logical Unit death of James Lutz
* human Protein Machines
* Cave of Altamira and the MIRROR death of Tamir Rice
* the 38th parallel and the 38,000 feet  Germanwings
* FermiLAB and their human breeder reactor experiments in BEDROOMS
for the real estate BEDROOM construction industry
* IBM   MFT   .......   Multiple Fixed Tasks
* cigarettes and BRAIN task partitions VIA  LSMFT
* Madison Wisconsin public library
* File Control
* Chicago Circle campus
* Region of Convergence
* President Kennedy assassination by the sin wave nation
* electron-shell sub-levels battle  on Feb 26, 1993  at World Trade Center
* Central Public Library -->CPU
* Paul Dirac and his atomic DATABASE coffin in  Tallahassee
* Paul Dirac explains the Dracula equation
* FSU, Tallahassee  and Kellum Hall dormitory d-orbitals experiment
* Synapse
* the Oceania murder of Junior Seau and the cover-up
* the murder of Boy Scout Sam Hengel
* Herbert Spencer
* the Milwaukee  region blood/brain barrier SOFTWARE wars
* Pier Oddone explains the FermiLAB human PROTEIN MACHINE   and its
protein docking PIER

* FermiLAB uses  Mother Earth
 atomic & molecular LANGUAGE and DESIRE SYSTEMS  to
 import humanoid   PIER  ODDONE from the
Galapagos Islands/Peru region  to the St.Charles (Darwin) RD station at nearby FermiLAB

* FermiLAB  uses  Pier 1 Imports at Randall Road Batavia   ......
and COMPUTER EARTH system 360/370  ......
 PGM = OE19156P ......   special F & J  purchase  orders

* human PROTEIN MACHINE  ....  intellectual battle
at Bethesda Lutheran Home in Watertown Wisconsin ..  
the protein /amino acid wars over TETZ  dairy farms
and their feeble minded workers

* Karen Simek DEATH and the battle for Kindergarten, Watertown, Wisconsin
* bra
* Infra-red skin languages
* integers
* angstroms and wavelengths of light ......  Angst philosophy issue
* Zion nuclear power
* eye
* Archie Bunker television and MEAT-HEAD , human protein machines
and the male penis HEAD thought problems
* zippers and cotton pants fly
* Richard Speck  ......  BORN to raise Hell
* Max Born ..., Born to raise electron SHELL  thoughts
* disk drive storage  tracks
* brain bio-electronics SOFTWARE
* the eye  rod &cone wars played out at Mullin's ice cream CONE store in Watertown
* the murder of Travis Zoellick in the EM field wars at EMMET/ Watertown
* the NODE of DEATH at  Northern University
* the microbiology DEFENSE SYSTEM   and the awareness problems in Washington DC
* array
* the Governor of Wisconsin skin walkers   ...   Scott Walker
* the Sam Hengel movie projector
* Fellini and the Penn State movie  ....Paige Raque fell 39 feet
*  the DNA twist and dance
* blood music OUTPUT messages  ...such as the TWIST dna messages
* military code -->  Farlax   --> Farook and LAX shooting
* BF Skinner box
* Paul Dirac coffin and IBM operating systems
* Longboat Key
* eye /optics
* Regis  Philbin and Kelly Ripa
* Hindu
* copper atomic mass ......   .reddish-orange
* the algebra roots of O = Oxygen
* the Alex Haley math book ... ROOTs
* Batavia and the BAT project at  FermiLAB
* BEC  ..Bose-Einstein Condensate
* angstroms and human angels IDENTIFIED
* Base 16 voodoo
* IBM uses   ....  Generation datasets of   GOOVOO --> VOODOO
* G.V. Loganathan
* Bay Village and Bay Watch ..Dr. Sam Sheppard
* word commands used to EARTH human memory
* Dr. Spock  ......  Vulcan secrets revealed
* Dr.Spock..mind meld -->   Meld Marcos of the Phillipines
* Ann Landers
* Maryland math class with Linda Tripp
* Jerry Lewis  ..Hollywood, chemistry Lewis DOT structures and   television screen  DOTS
* KIP S. Thorne and secrets of  female ass and astrophysics
* Carl Sagan
* human bandwidth signals

Isaac Asimov FOUNDATION books referred to Hari Seldon and math equations / science concepts ..... that can be used to sometimes help explain society and various social science events ..... thus my thanks to his ideas.
Newspapers and books use various levels of English language; thus it is up to the older and wiser newspaper / book reader to use his math and science background to translate and understand the multi-faceted PRINT message.

This book  analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a book's story.

Books are human activity ..... in fiction or non-fiction formats

In such stories of human activity, a human situation is described /TESTED ..... the results may be okay or the result may involve murder, suicide, crime, war, accident, etc. The nasty results are considered social process control FEEDBACK ERROR signals ...... that need to be translated / analyzed to be understood ..... at the deeper levels of REALITY ...conflicts/anger at levels of subconsciousness that rose to a level of visible display using human display devices.

Hence, the Earth Lab TEST activity is first ... then the book message or newspaper report ...and then the TRANSLATE of the report using basic math, physics, biochemistry college textbooks, etc.

Thus the book/ newspaper prints some pieces to a puzzle .. and the reader is asked to figure out the other pieces ... the pieces that explain WHY .... that explain CAUSE and EFFECT .

Herb Zinser provides some data about Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, flowcharts, etc. The ideas found in math and basic science high school and college  textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions of " 2 CHIEF WORLD SYSTEMS" we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces....... the 2 CHIEF existential entities.

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams, math and physics equations, etc.

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and TerritoriesThere is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

Thus we understand Charles Dickens  concept " TALE of 2 Cities".

Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities on the geography surface of EARTH.

Let's look at some books /news articles and TRANSLATE the embedded subset codes and concepts..

Lando Calrissian | Wookieepedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Lando Calrissian was born on the planet Socorro approximately thirty years before the Battle of Yavin. During his youth, he became a smuggler and a gambler, ...
Lando · ‎Cloud City · ‎Socorro · ‎Sabacc

Lando Calrissian | Wookieepedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Lando Calrissian was a Human male professional gambler, entrepreneur, smuggler, and general...

Lando Calrissian 

Lando Calrissian  SYMBOL & CONCEPT WORLD

Lando Calrissian  military proper noun

Shooting of Philando Castile - Wikipedia
On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was shot and killed by Jeronimo Yanez, a St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer, after being pulled over in Falcon Heights, ...

Minnesota Officer Acquitted in Killing of
 Lando Calrissian   PARALLEL
- The New ...
Jun 16, 2017 - Family and friends of Philando Castile after Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty on all counts in the shooting death of Mr. Castile.

Lando Calrissian 

Lando Calrissian  SYMBOL & CONCEPT WORLD

Lando Calrissian  military proper noun

Land  .............     VERSUS  ORfices of geography Land -->

Orlando  and the Or.fice WARS  .....

a continuation of the HOLES battle at Utoya Norway ......


Hole Municipality 2017:
Best of Hole Municipality Tourism
- TripAdvisor › Europe › Norway › Eastern Norway › Buskerud

Hole Municipality Tourism: TripAdvisor has 410 reviews of Hole Municipality ... Hole Municipality, Norway ... TripAdvisor Top-rated Hotels in Hole Municipality ... 

2016 Orlando nightclub shooting - Wikipedia
Jump to Future of Pulse -

On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack/hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. He was shot and killed by Orlando Police Department (OPD) officers after a three-hour standoff. Pulse was hosting a "Latin Night" and thus most of the victims were Latinos.

Orlando workplace shooting: Former employee kills 5, then himself ...

Jun 5, 2017 - Orlando workplace shooting: Former employee kills 5, then himself .... “One of the surviving witnesses said [Neumann] pointed the gun at her ...

Orlando shooting: John Robert Neumann Jr. ID'd as suspect; police ...
Jun 5, 2017 - Police have identified a suspected gunman in a mass shooting in Orange County that left six people dead.

Man  accused of shooting tourists in Las Vegas bus gets public ...

Mar 29, 2017 - Rolando Cardenas, right, makes an initial court appearance Wednesday, March 29, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center. Cardenas has been ...

Fatal shooting on Las Vegas bus done 'for no apparent reason', police ... › US News › US crime
Mar 26, 2017 - Rolando Cardenas, 55, booked on suspicion of murder and other charges after Montana man killed on bus outside Cosmopolitan hotel-casino ...

Piermaria Oddone  ....   done - Wikipedia

Piermaria J Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru in 1944, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts ...

Pier Oddone of Berkeley Lab
Named Fermilab Dire  Director for  nasty
Margaret Mead atomic social science battles
 - Fermilab news
approval of the citizen / Federal system and its rigged  DEATH  schemes
Nov 19, 2004 - “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Pier Oddone to be Fermilab's next director,” Bernthal said. “His stature as a distinguished ...

 Rolando Cardenas, 55,  booked on suspicion  

Rolando Cardenas, 55,  booked on suspicion   

Rolando Cardenas, 55,  receives
Fer = Ferrous oxide IRON instructions to kill 

from the Fer = FermiLAB master control site
at Batavia Illinois  .....

that approve of  the Federal death policy of the Justice Department ....
and its usage of the EARTH magnetic field
of FER --> 

the Federal death policy of the Justice Department ....
and its usage of the EARTH magnetic field
of FER --> 

transFER  RNA  to transfer the Boston Marathon death sentence
given to the Boyle's LAW of Gases battle on Bolyston Street 

Boyle's Law of Gases  DEMO
on Boylston Street in Boston    ....   and in  Las Vegas 

In the mid 1600's, Robert Boyle studied the relationship between the pressure p and the volume V of a confined gas held at a constant temperature. ... The product of pressure and volume is exactly a constant for an ideal gas. p * V = constant. This relationship between pressure and volume is called Boyle's Law in his honor ...

transFER  RNA ......  to transfer the Boston Marathon death sentence

given to the Boyle's LAW of Gases agent
..... transfer his death instructions to
--> Las VeGAS

and the creation of  death by
 FEDERAL  rigged information TRIALs  
and death sentence orders

Keywords --> Uncertain  and Sun  Prairie, Wisconsin problems

What is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle? | Science | The Guardian
Nov 10, 2013 - The uncertainty principle is one of the most famous (and probably misunderstood) ideas in physics. It tells us that there is a fuzziness in nature, ...

What is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle? 

Keyword -->  Choice  -->  ax murder in Oconomowoc
over the Axiom of Choice

Axiom of Choice -- from Wolfram MathWorld › Foundations of Mathematics › Axioms

An important and fundamental axiom in set theory sometimes called Zermelo's axiom of choice. It was formulated by Zermelo in 1904 and states that, given any ...

set theory
set theory
set t  --> the rigged Boston Marathon trials and violations of 
Massachusetts Laws.................sett  --> set theory laws,
base pairs, parallels, 

and the Louis De Broglie duality

Louis de Broglie - Wikipedia
Louis-Victor-Pierre-Raymond, 7e duc de Broglie was a French physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory. In his 1924 PhD thesis he ...

Duality of the laws of nature and

the rigged information TRIAL and DEAD sentence  in Boston

Far from claiming to make "the contradiction disappear" which Max Born thought could be achieved with a statistical approach, de Broglie extended wave–particle duality to all particles (and to crystals which revealed the effects of diffraction) and extended the principle of duality to the laws of nature.
His last work made a single system of laws from the two large systems of thermodynamics and of mechanics:
When Boltzmann and his continuators developed their statistical interpretation of Thermodynamics, one could have considered Thermodynamics to be a complicated branch of Dynamics. But, with my actual ideas, it's Dynamics that appear to be a simplified branch of Thermodynamics. I think that, of all the ideas that I've introduced in quantum theory in these past years, it's that idea that is, by far, the most important and the most profound.

That idea seems to match the continuous–discontinuous duality, since its dynamics could be the limit of its thermodynamics when transitions to continuous limits are postulated. It is also close to that of Leibniz, who posited the necessity of "architectonic principles" to complete the system of mechanical laws.

Herbert Spencer - Cardiff University

It has been said that Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) exerted an influence upon the ..... relations of coexistence and sequence in which they stand to one another.

Natural Selection and the Survival of the Fittest - JStor
by IW Howerth - ‎1917 - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
IT is well known that Herbert Spencer, five years after the publication of .... from the legal sense, is a statement of the coexistence or sequence of phenomena as.

Free Notes on Herbert Spencer's First Principles with Suggestions ...
1878 - ‎Evolution
achievements of science are resolvable into mental relations of coexistence and sequence (of what?) so co-ordinated as exactly to tally with certain relations of ...

Philosophical Connections: Spencer
Herbert Spencer was born in Derby. ... And he gives two kinds: relations of sequence, and relations of coexistence, each of which produces in our minds an ...

How Brain LANGUAGE Mapping Works
to detect bull-stories,
incomplete explanations,  nonsense, linguistics problems 

 | HowStuffWorks › ... › Life Science › Inside the Mind › The Human Brain
Brain mapping attempts to provide a complete picture of the brain's structure. Learn how brain mapping works and why it's such a scientific breakthrough.

'Brain road maps' reflect behavior differences between males and ...
Feb 9, 2016 - Differences in the neural wiring across development of men and women across ages, matched behavioral differences commonly associated ...

A New Map Of The Brain That Is Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before
Aug 2, 2016 - The cerebral cortex is widely believed to be the area of the brain ... The proliferation of multiple names for the same thing on road maps is ...

A New Map Of The Brain

The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks
Michael A. Arbib - 2003 - ‎Computers
Pan ll provides a guided lour of our subject in the form of 22 road maps. each of which provides an overview of a single theme in brain theory and neural ...

The Handbook of Brain Theory

Below, we have the EARTH geography  state of Nevada 

and then male BRAIN .....   view of Nevada
VIA the male penis HEAD  of intelligence....
  alliance with .....  

The Pentagon - Wikipedia
The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, located in Arlington County, Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, ...
History · ‎Layout · ‎Security · ‎Hall of Heroes

The Pentagon  SYMBOL WORLD and the living language Tours of
language schemes,
English language lies,
incomplete reports,
omissions of data and evidence from tragic signaling events,

false and misleading conclusions about the Vietnam war,

false explanations about the Iraq/Kuwit war in year 1990,

lies about the Hertzian EM field wars played
out in Herzegovian in 1992 thru 1998,
The Pentagon Tours program, under the purview of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, hosts more than 106,000 visitors annually.

Pentagon caught in a Penning TRAP  

- Facts & Summary -

HISTORY of  citizen / Washingtion DC manipulation of the Pentagon

Find out more about the history of Pentagon, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on

sugar translation German | English-German dictionary | Reverso
sugar translation german, English - German dictionary, meaning, see also 'barley ... sugar. 1 n. a Zucker m. b inf (=term of affection) (meine) Süße, (mein) Süßer, ...

Zucker translation English --> Sugar
| German dictionary | Reverso
Zucker translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'Kandis(zucker)' ... ein Stück Zucker a lump of sugar, a sugar lump (esp Brit) or cube

Mark Zuckerberg - Wikipedia
Jump to Facebook - On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard ... "Mark was clearly on to great things," said Laine, who was ...
Net worth‎: ‎US$63.7 billion (June 2017)
Relatives‎: ‎Randi Zuckerberg‎ (sister)
Years active‎: ‎2004–present
Title‎: ‎Chairman and CEO of ‎Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg - Founder & CEO @ Facebook | crunchbase

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook, which he started in his college dorm room in 2004 with roomates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes and ...
Location‎: ‎Palo Alto
Born‎: ‎May 14, 1984

 Nature's sugar molecule CHO 

--->  a  molecular Founder & CEO  of 

 humanoid molecule container
 with EARTH LAB proper  noun ........ specimen  label  .....
Mark  Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook, which he started in his college dorm room in 2004 with roomates Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes and ...
Location‎: ‎Palo Alto
Born‎: ‎May 14, 1984

Deepak Chopra - Wikipedia
Deepak Chopra (born October 22, 1946) is an American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age ...
At this once-in-a-lifetime experience, world-renowned expert in mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, will reveal how to tap into your higher knowing ...

Deepak Chopra, M.D. | The Chopra Center
Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative ...

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra and his code name 

 ......pak Cho 

Package  CHO (Sugar Molecules)    in  humanoid  format

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia
Systems Network Architecture (SNA) is IBM's proprietary networking architecture, created in 1974. It is a complete protocol stack for interconnecting computers ...

What is Systems Network Architecture (SNA)? - IBM
Systems Network Architecture (SNA) is a data communication architecture established by IBM to specify common conventions for communication among the wide array of IBM hardware and software data communication products and other platforms. Among the platforms that implement SNA in ...

Systems Network Architecture (SNA)  - basics and implementation - IBM
An SNA network implements the IBM proprietary networking architecture. Subarea networking carries out a hierarchical network paradigm. The information ...

(SNA)  - KEY ... basics and implementation - IBM

What is double blind? definition and meaning -
Definition of double blind: Experimental procedure in which the possibility of bias is removed by keeping both the experimenter and the subject from knowing ...

Double Blind Experiment - Avoiding Bias -
In medicine, when researchers are testing a new medicine, they ensure that the placebo looks, and tastes, the same as the actual medicine. ... A blind experiment reduces the risk of bias from this effect, giving an honest baseline for the research, and allowing a realistic statistical comparison.

Why you should ping your bio-computer BIOLOGY website
and how to do it  ........
while your    are       slee.PING    for   8 hours
 for 8 data bit UNITS.

| Affilorama › Affiliate Marketing Blog
Apr 15, 2010 - has more great ... to ping my blog once or twice a week, every time I have a new post. ... I'd come across it from networking and computer connecting, but to have ...

What is PING? 

What is sleePING?.

And what does it do? - Blog
May 2, 2011 - What happens though if you try to ping a computer that is connected to the ... In a future post, we'll go through a program called ARPING or ...

Code word
--> Dogot
--> Dog  +  ot
--> Dog and Kathryn Stalbaum Waiting for Godot  and Samuel BEC.KETT at the Kettle Moriane High School

Code word   --> Dogot  

Samuel Beckett - Wikipedia
Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet, who lived in Paris for most of his adult life and wrote in both ...

Samuel Beckett | Irish author |
Apr 28, 2017 - Samuel Beckett, in full Samuel Barclay Beckett (born April 13?, 1906, Foxrock, County Dublin, Ireland—died December 22, 1989, Paris, France), author, critic, and playwright, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. He wrote in both French and English and is perhaps best ...

Samuel Beckett |

UPDATE: Police release new details in BEC  disappearance
of Kathryn Stalbaum  ...
Nov 7, 2013 - Kathryn Stalbaum, a freshman at Kettle Moraine High School, was last seen around 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday, November 5th at her Town of 

Bicycle of missing 15-year-old girl located after citizen tip | FOX6Now ...
Nov 7, 2013 - Kathryn Stalbaum, a freshman at Kettle Moraine High School, was last seen around ... Officials also said they located Stalbaum's teal backpack.

Bicycle of missing 

Deoxyribose  ..... subset agent
D..o..y.........e -->

De ........bose-proteins message LINKS
..............bose-einstein condensate 

(condensed molecular social science information reports)    

Satyendra Nath Bose - Wikipedia
Satyendra Nath Bose, FRS was an Indian physicist from Bengal specialising in theoretical physics. He is best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the ...
Early life · ‎Research career · ‎Honours · ‎Legacy

Satyendra Nath Bose and the sub-continent of INDIA   ......

Nature's Universal Mind and its sub-consciousness
(reflected by the human and animal activities)
on the EARTH geography sub-continent 

- Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Professor Satyendra Nath Bose (1 January 1894 – 4 February 1974) 
was an Indian mathematician and physicist.
 He is noted for work with Albert Einstein in ..

What is the velocity of light? - Quora
Its exact value is 299,792,458 metres per second (approximately 3.00×108 m/s, approximately 186,282 mi/s); it is exact because the unit of length, the metre, is defined from this constant and the international standard for time. Speed of light in vacuum is a defined thing in the universe.

speed of light | Definition & Equation |
Apr 27, 2017 - In particular, the value for the speed of light in a vacuum is now defined as ... Alternative Titles: c, electromagnetic constant, velocity of light.

Is velocity of light constant? - Physics Stack Exchange
Jun 2, 2013 - This question already has an answer here: How to bend light? ... Hint: Velocities include directions. Light can travel in different directions. So.

What is the velocity of light? 

Age of Enlightenment - Wikipedia
There is little consensus on the precise beginning of the Age of Enlightenment; the beginning of the 18th century (1701) or the middle of the 17th century (1650) are often used as epochs.

Enlightenment - Facts & Summary -
European politics, philosophy, science and communications were radically reoriented during the course of the “long 18th century” (1685-1815) as part of a movement referred to by its participants as the Age of Reason, or simply the Enlightenment.

Strategic Arms Limitations Talks/Treaty (SALT) I and II - Office of the ...
Nixon and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev signed the ABM Treaty and interim SALT agreement on May 26, 1972, in Moscow. For the first time during the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union had agreed to limit the number of nuclear missiles in their arsenals.

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks - Wikipedia
Jump to SALT I Treaty - Further discussion brought the negotiations to an end on May 26, 1972, in Moscow when Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev signed both the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Interim Agreement Between The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Certain Measures With Respect to the ...

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) |
As finally negotiated, the SALT II treaty set limits on the number of strategic launchers (i.e., missiles that can be equipped with multiple independently targetable ...

SALT agreements signed - May 27, 1972 -
On this day in History, SALT agreements signed on May 27, 1972. ... American and Soviet statesmen who would sign a groundbreaking arms limitation treaty.

SALT agreements signed - 

2135 Rimrock Rd - Madison WI - MapQuest,-89.37700...
View detailed information and reviews for 2135 Rimrock Rd in Madison, Wisconsin and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along ...
Brand new one- and two-bedroom, pet-friendly, high quality lofts now renting for September 15th. Apartment-living just minutes from downtown Madison WI.
The Lofts · ‎Contact · ‎Floor Plans

State Tax Office at 2135 Rimrock Road Madison WI 53713
Madison WI State Tax Office at 2135 Rimrock Road is here to help if you need to resolve a tax problem, have questions about how the tax law applies to your ...

Credit Union on Rimrock Road, Madison, WI - Dane County Credit Union
Find Dane County Credit Union's Rimrock Road, Madison, WI branch information and hours as well as worldwide account access.

Union on Rimrock and the University of Wisconsin BRAIN scheme

Genetics - Wikipedia
Genetics is the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms. It is generally considered a field of biology, but intersects frequently with many other life sciences and is strongly linked with the study of information systems.

Genetics: Home
Submit an Article to GENETICS. GENETICS publishes high-quality scientific research that presents important findings in genetics and genomics across a full range of biological science applications. Learn more about the journal and the types of articles we publish, or get started with your submission.
A gene is made of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and is basically a type of genetic instruction. Those instructions can be used for making molecules and .

Highway 26 Watertown and base 16 Hexadecimal
Highway  16 to Ixonia

keyword -->   bodies Maltha  Obex -- > population  overflow bodies ....  Malt

Thomas Robert Malthus - Wikipedia
Jump to An Essay on the Principle of Population - Thomas Robert Malthus FRS was an English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political ...

Malthusian catastrophe - Wikipedia
A Malthusian catastrophe is a prediction of a forced return to subsistence-level conditions once population growth has outpaced agricultural production. Contents. [hide]. 1 Thomas Malthus; 2 Neo-Malthusian theory; 3 Criticism; 4 See also; 5 Notes ... Rather, he believed that population growth was generally restricted by ...

Thomas Malthus
"In October 1838, that is, fifteen months after I had begun my systematic inquiry, I happened to read for amusement Malthus on Population , and being well ...

keywords and concepts -->

Like Can't  --> LU + Ke + kant parallel sound word

 --> Logical Unit KEY Kant (his thoughts VIA potassium K atom)

Immanuel Kant - Wikipedia
Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher who is a central figure in modern philosophy. Kant argued that the human mind creates the structure of human ...
Kant responded to his predecessors by arguing against the Empiricists that the mind is not a blank slate that is written upon by the empirical world, and by ...

Immanuel Kant | German philosopher |

Immanuel Kant: April 22, 1724 Königsberg, Prussia [now Kaliningrad, Russia] February 12, 1804 Königsberg German philosopher whose comprehensive and ...

Obi-Wan Kenobi | Wookieepedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Obi-Wan Kenobi, later known as Ben Kenobi during his exile, was a Force-sensitive human male...

Obi-Wan Kenobi | Wookieepedia | Fandom powered by Wikia
Obi-Wan Kenobi, later known as Ben Kenobi during his exile, was a legendary Jedi Master who...

Nairobi 2017: Best of  Star Wars ......., Ken  --->  war zone  Tourism - TripAdvisor › Africa › Kenya
Nairobi Tourism: TripAdvisor has 81344 reviews of Nairobi Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Nairobi resource.

Obi-Wan Kenobi |
Visit the Databank and explore the life and legacy of Obi-Wan Kenobi with a character biography, pictures, and videos.

Obi-Wan Kenobi | StarWars  ..

Westgate shopping STAR WARS ordered  ... mall attack - Wikipedia
On Saturday 21 September 2013, unidentified gunmen attacked Westgate shopping mall, an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack resulted in at least 67 ...

Second Battle of 2 Fallopian Tubes at   Fallujah - Wikipedia
The Second Battle of Fallujah—code-named Operation Al-Fajr (Arabic: الفجر "the dawn") and Operation Phantom Fury—was a joint American, Iraqi, and British offensive in November and December 2004, considered the highest point of conflict in Fallujah during the Iraq War.
Background · ‎Preparations · ‎The battle · ‎Aftermath

First Battle of Fallujah - Wikipedia
The First Battle of Fallujah, also known as Operation Vigilant Resolve, was an operation to root .... On 31 March 2004 – Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah ambushed a convoy containing four American private military contractors from Blackwater USA ...
Date‎: ‎4 April – 1 May 2004; (3 weeks and 6 days)
Location‎: ‎Fallujah, Iraq
Result‎: ‎U.S. operational failure

Remembering menstruation class 101 ...
 the  existence of blood flow in adult human females
MOTHER EARTH  .........

menstruation DEMO   .....
the Iraq War's bloodiest battle, 10 years later - The ...
Nov 4, 2014 - This video, which was shot during Operation Phantom Fury in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004, shows the intense urban combat faced by troops ..

Nguyen Cao Ky | South Vietnamese leader .......
 pussy lubrication leader as explained by Pentagon  thinkers 

and Washington DC   BEDROOM  pregnancy .....
political science ... arrogance   ERRORS

Mar 21, 2017 - Nguyen Cao Ky: September 8, 1930 Son Tay, northern Vietnam July 23, 2011 Kuala Lumpur ... In June 1965 Ky, together with Major General Nguyen Van Thieu and General Duong ... Vietnam War: Firepower comes to naught.

Nguyen Cao Ky | South Vietnamese leader ..

Nguyen Cao Ky | South Vietnamese leader ..

         yen Cao Ky | South Vietnamese leader ..

   yen/desire  Ky | South V  --> South vulva lips leader ..

vulva | anatomy |
vulva: the external female genitalia that surround the opening to the vagina; collectively these consist of the labia majora, the labia minora, clitoris, vestibule of ...

Female Sexual Anatomy | Vulva, Vagina and Breasts
Sexual anatomy that's typically called female includes the vulva and internal reproductive organs like the uterus and ovaries.

vulva | anatomy

vulva  ...nato   my  --> NATO military forces protect pussy juices

NATO - Wikipedia
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between several North American and ...

NATO - Home | Facebook
NATO. 1.2M likes. This is the official Facebook page of NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Comments posted by fans do...

NATO was the first peacetime military alliance the United States entered into outside of the Western Hemisphere. After the destruction of the Second World War, ...

Orfice of the Historian of human body holes  

Orfice of the Historian  with HOLE

Office of the Historian 

Hole Municipality 2017: Best of Hole 

Municipality Tourism -  mental .... Trip Advisor › Europe › Norway › Eastern Norway › Buskerud
Hole Municipality Tourism: TripAdvisor has 410 reviews of Hole Municipality Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Hole Municipality resource.

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine - The Excluded Middle

In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may ... 

A vibration sent through the earth returns
an "echo signature" using the same ...

Cz  echo  slovakia 

- Wikipedia
or Czecho-Slovakia  
 was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it ...

Sam Sheppard - Wikipedia
Samuel Holmes "Sam" Sheppard, D.O. was
a Bay Village, Ohio neurosurgeon initially convicted for the 1954 murder of his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard.

Bay Village, Ohio neurosurgeon i
Bay Village, Ohio neurosurgeon i
Bay Village, Ohio neuron agent

Bayes' theorem TRIAL  via sample space EARTH LAB specimens from  

Bay Village Cleveland OhiO   - Wikipedia
A), the conditional probability or likelihood, is the degree of belief in B, given that the proposition A is true. P(B. −A), the conditional probability or likelihood, is the degree of belief in B, given that the proposition A is false.

Sam Sheppard - Famous Bayes Trials
... 1954, Marilyn Sheppard, the wife of a handsome thirty-year-old doctor, Sam Sheppard, was brutally murdered in the bedroom of their home in Bay Village, ...

Bayes' theorem centers on relating different conditional probabilities. ... Note that P(A∩B) is the probability of both A and B occurring, which is the same as the probability of A occurring times the probability that B occurs given that A occurred: P(B∣A)×P(A).

MPR: Hunter kills six, wounds two after
Bayes diagram .....  tree-stand dispute
Nov 22, 2004 - Vang allegedly shot and killed five hunters and wounded three others in ... Many of the victims were related - all from around Rice Lake, Wisconsin. ... The shooting took place in a small township near the borders of four rural, ...

History - Pabst Farms -
Experience  DESTRUCTION of Nature's systems..... 

A Rare Way Of Life

Back then the 1,500 acre Pabst Farms development was the stomping ground for prize-winning Holstein as well as champion Percheron and Hackney horses.

UW Press: Pabst Farms: The History of a Model Farm
Hackney and Percheron horses were the mainstay of Pabst Farms until the ... development and breeding of award-winning, high-production Holstein dairy cattle.

History - Pabst  Farms 

History - Pab  TEST site  destroyed ...... causing problems

Amy Van Wagner found GUILTY
in the Pabst Farms standards destroyed   (CAUSE and EFFECT)

death of husband, Stan --> Stanley Van Wagner ...
Mar 13, 2017 - During closing arguments, in a final chance to prove Amy Van Wagner murdered her husband in the early morning hours of May 15, 2015, the ...

Amy Van Wagner sentenced to life in prison
in the rigged information TRIAL  death of husband - Fox 6
Jun 7, 2017 - Van Wagner was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a .... According to the complaint, Amy Van Wagner said Stanley had ...

What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from › Topics › Networking › Network software
In IBM's Systems Network Architecture ( SNA ), a logical unit (LU) identifies an end user in an SNA network . By end user, IBM means either a human bein...

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia
Jump to Logical Unit (LU) - SNA defines several kinds of devices, called Logical Unit types: LU0 provides ... LU2 devices are IBM 3270 display terminals.

Logical units (LU)  - IBM
A logical unit is a device or application program by which an end user (an application program, a terminal user, or an input/output mechanism) gains access to a ...

Summary of logical unit (LU) types - IBM
This chapter describes the logical unit (LU) types that WSim currently supports. It also gives an example of the hardware or software products that typically use ...

Summary of logical unit (LU) types - Lutz 

Summary of logical unit (LU) types - 

St. Luke's Medical  .....

St. Luke's Medical 

St. Luke's  ....... calculus /  bio-math  

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI - Rankings ...
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI is ranked nationally in 3 adult specialties. ... Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is a 732-bed general medical and surgical facility with 34,915 admissions in the most recent year reported. ... Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is ranked .

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center  . human PROTEIN MACHINE

Seeking proof for the no-hair theorem at St. Luke's
SYMBOL MACHINE  and living language site

- Physics and bio-physics › Astronomy & Space › Astronomy

Sep 9, 2014 - In general relativity this is known as the no-hair theorem. The basic idea of the no-hair theorem is that the material properties of any object

Summary of logical unit (LU) types - IBM

Cave of Altamira - Wikipedia
The Cave of Altamira located near the historic town Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, Spain, is renowned for its numerous parietal cave paintings featuring...

Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain ... › Culture › World Heritage Centre › The List
The property will now appear on the List as Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain. The property represents the apogee of Paleolithic cave ...
Missing: altima

Altamira Cave Paintings: Dating, Layout, Photographs - Visual Arts Cork
Jump to Other Prehistoric Caves in Spain - Eighteen Stone Age caves decorated with various types ... art have been discovered in northern Spain.

Altamira Cave Paintings:

Altamira Cave Paintings:

    tamir    C      Pain -->    Cleveland   pain

Shooting of Tamir Rice - Wikipedia
The shooting of Tamir Rice,

a carbon 12 .....  12-year-old African-American
 boy (June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014),
occurred on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Altamira Cave Paintings:

Altamira Cave Paintings:

What Happened on the Germanwings Flight - The New York Times
Mar 27, 2015 - The co-pilot of a Germanwings flight carrying 150 people from Barcelona, Spain, ... 10:28. The plane reached a
cruising altitude of 38,000 feet.

cruising altitude of 38,000 feet.

The parallel (2) ..... route 38 double-cross 
number 238  

Breeder reactor and
human breeder reactors in BEDROOMS
that violate population limit laws 

- Wikipedia

A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor that generates more fissile material than it consumes. These devices achieve this because their neutron economy is high enough to breed more fissile fuel than they use from fertile material, such as uranium-238 or thorium-232.

How do fast breeder reactors differ from regular nuclear power plants ...
This plutonium isotope can be reprocessed and used as more reactor fuel or in the production of nuclear weapons. Reactors can be designed to maximize plutonium production, and in some cases they actually produce more fuel than they consume. These reactors are called breeder reactors.

Operating Systems: Lecture # - NYU Computer Science
Multiple batches. IBM OS/MFT 
(Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks). OS for IBM system 360. The (real) memory is partitioned and a batch is ...

Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT 
Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT 
Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT  applications with

human bio-computer BATCHES    with 
a Batch of Arts degree 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences awards Bachelor of Arts (BA),
Bachelor of Science (BS),
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and
Bachelor of Music (BM) degrees.
May 9, 2017

Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree | College of Liberal Arts ...

Bachelor of Arts  for programming your blood arteries
with   SOFTWARE   thoughts 

- Wikipedia Bachelor of Arts (B.A., or A.B. from the Latin artium baccalaureus or baccalaureus artium) is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in either the liberal arts, sciences, or both.

Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT 
Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT 
Multiple batches. IBM OS/  MFT  applications with

The human brain bio-computer ... 
 configuration in Madison Wisconsin

MFT - Multiprocessing with a Fixed Number of Tasks (IBM ...
How is Multiprocessing with a Fixed Number of Tasks (IBM) abbreviated? MFT stands for Multiprocessing with a Fixed Number of Tasks (IBM). MFT is defined as .

MFT - 

MFT -  Lucky   Strike  MFT


MFT -  Lu = Logical Unit  KEY.... (human brain)  MFT

MFT -  Lucky   Strike  MFT

MFT -  Lucky   Strike  MFT

MFT -  L  c   ky   Strike   --> Lexington Comair Kentucky STUCK  

Understanding file control - IBM
CICS data management services have traditionally been known as CICS file control. CICS file control offers you access to data sets that are managed by either ...

File control operations - IBM
Jan 3, 2017 - CICS file control lets you read, update, add, and browse data in VSAM and BDAM data sets and delete data from VSAM data sets. You can also ...

FCT—file control table - IBM
FCT—file control table. The file control table (FCT) describes to CICS® the Basic Direct Access Method (BDAM) user files that are processed by file management. ... Because CICS file management processes only VSAM and BDAM data sets, you define any sequential data sets as ...

FCT - File control table entry layout - IBM

code word --> FCZ  --> Functions complex Z

The Father of Modern Physics taught in Tallahassee at FSU. Paul ... › Blogs › Fred Griffin › Tallahassee, Florida Real Estate

Sep 25, 2011 - A senior FSU Physicist said, 'To have Paul Dirac here, would be like the English faculty recruiting Shakespeare.' In 1971, Physicist Paul Adrien ...

Paul Dirac - Wikipedia
Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac OM FRS was an English theoretical physicist who made ..... In 1984, Dirac died in Tallahassee, Florida, and was buried at Tallahassee's Roselawn Cemetery. Dirac's childhood home in Bristol is commemorated with a ...

The Circle Campus |

The site for the new University of Illinois at Chicago Circle campus consisted of 105 acres at the corner of Halstead and Harrison streets. Originally, the campus ...

University of Illinois at Chicago - Wikipedia
The University of Illinois at Chicago or UIC is a state-funded public research-intensive university located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Its campus is in the Near West Side community area, adjacent to the Chicago .... Unlike the CUD campus, Circle was a degree-granting institution. Within five years of the campus' ...

codes --> Lucazec --> LU  + CA + Z   + ec -->

Logical unit  ....  (VSAM) Control area ..
System Z  .... echo (signature of Nikola Tesla)

code --> carrtos --> car + arr --> carbon array 

code --> messages to the circle (campus) 

code --> circle to  Wialu --> Wisconsin America Logical unit 

Photos: Shooting on Rimrock Road | Crime and Courts | host.madison ...
May 11, 2016 - Authorities responded to the scene of a shooting at Capitol Petro Mart, 2570 Rimrock Road, in Madison, Wis., Wednesday evening, May 11, ...

Madison Rimrock Rd Auto Body Shop | Gates Collision Centers
Gates Collision Center - Madison (Rimrock Rd) provides auto body repair in Madison WI. Stop by for your free estimate today and schedule your auto body ...

2450 Rimrock Road | The Alexander Company
Currently housed at 2450 Rimrock Road you'll find ITT Technical Institute, Auxiant, Knight Barry Title Group, and more. ... Madison, Wisconsin. 2450 Rimrock ...

atomic alphabet 26 proton letters

President Kennedy assassination - Nov 22, 1963 -
President John F. Kennedy is shot and killed as his motorcade drives through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. ... John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is assassinated while traveling through Dallas, Texas, in an open-top convertible. ... President John F. Kennedy ...

President Kennedy assassination 

President Kennedy ........sin wave/ energy 

blood iron alphabet of atomic number 26 

Electron shell  problems of Shelby, North Carolina
 explained by the rigged information TRIAL 

of Dylann Roof- Wikipedia
The electrons in the outermost occupied shell (or shells) determine the chemical properties of the atom; it is called the valence shell. Each shell consists of one or more subshells, and each subshell consists of one or more atomic orbitals.

shell (data) byte  -->
shell + byte --> shelby violations of 

atomic mass communication law and legal standards

- Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An electron shell is the outside part of an atom around the atomic nucleus. It is a group of atomic orbitals with the same value of the principal quantum number n. Electron shells have one or more electron subshells, or sublevels.

electron subshells, or sublevels.
electron subshells, or sublevels.
electron subshells, or sublevels.
electron subshells, or sublevels -->

the battle of sub-levels

1993 World Trade Center bombing
ordered by the periodic  atomic table .....  element

Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON 26 electrons  ON
Fe = February  26. 1993  .....   sublevel message generated

 - Wikipedia
The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center,
carried out on February 26, 1993, when a truck bomb detonated below ...

1993 World Trade Center Bombing Fast Facts -
Feb 21, 2017 - (CNN)Here's some background information about the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing which killed six people and injured more than 1,000. ... The 1,200-pound bomb was in a Ryder truck parked in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center. ... February 26, 1993 - At 12:18 pm EST, a bomb ...

Remembering the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing -

History of incomplete explanations,
university approval of lies, 

newspaper arrogant bull-stories about their
ethical superiority and knowledge 

Feb 26, 2013 - On February 26, 1993, terrorists parked a rental van in a garage underneath the World Trade Center's twin towers and lit the fuses on a ...

New York 

Central Public Library 

Central Public Library 

Central Pu --> CPU --> Central Processing Unit of COMPUTER EARTH system 360/370 

Main Branch

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library, originally called the Central Building[4] and more widely known as the Main Branch or as the New York Public Library,[a] is the flagship building in the New York Public Library system and a prominent historic landmark in Midtown Manhattan. The branch, opened in 1911, is one of four research libraries in the library system. It currently contains area of 646,680 square feet (60,079 m2)[5] and 4 stories open to public. The main entrance steps are on Fifth Avenue opposite East 41st Street.

The Library's famous Rose Main Reading Room (Room 315) is a majestic 78 by 297 feet (24 by 91 m), with 52-foot (16 m)-high ceilings. The room is lined with thousands of reference works on open shelves along the floor level and along the balcony, lit by massive windows and grand chandeliers, and furnished with sturdy wood tables, comfortable chairs, and brass lamps.

The Library's famous Rose Main Reading Room (Room 315) ....  UPDATE 

The Library's famous Rose Main Reading Room (Room 315)  LINK


 the Rosen-Einstein communications bridge to

Roselawn Cemetery , Tallahassee and the 

Paul Dirac atomic database coffin .. the underground  continuum
as outlined by Nikola Tesla EARTH vibrations
and the Paul Dirac ....... 

 Dracula equation of Underwriter Labs ...  undertaker projects

--> DR. ac +ul --> alternating cycles .. underground labs

Dracula - Wikipedia
Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire ...

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  ....
 a subset member  of the Nature's  Dracula  empire 

 - Encyclopedia - Business Terms | Inc ...
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL ...

What is a Microbe? - MicrobeWorld
Feb 24, 2010 - Microbe is a term for tiny creatures that individually are too small to be seen with the unaided eye. Microbes include bacteria (back-tear-ee-uh), archaea (are-key-uh), fungi (fun-jeye) and protists (pro-tists). You've probably heard of bacteria and fungi before.

Microorganism - Wikipedia
A microorganism or microbe is a microscopic organism, which may be single-celled or multicellular. The study of microorganisms is called microbiology, a subject that began with the discovery of microorganisms in the 1670s by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

FSU's dated Kellum Hall coming down - Tallahassee Democrat
Jan 15, 2016 - Kellum and Smith are two FSU residence halls built in the 1950s –
and called dormitories in those days – to handle the burgeoning population ...

Kellum Hall at FSU Houses Last Students, Demolition Scheduled ...
Jun 8, 2015 - TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Kellum Hall officially housed its last students at Florida State this past spring. The hall opened 56 years ago in ...


K  e  ll  um 

-->   Principle Quantum Number K  electrons ...  parallel 

Kellum Hall -  atomic  Col(umns)   parallel --> code -->

 col + ll --> college Residence Hall - Foursquare › College & University › College Residence Hall
See 3 photos and 11 tips from 264 visitors to Kellum Hall. "Get to know the other students that ... Kellum Hall. College Residence Hall. Tallahassee. Save. Shar

and called dormitories in those days –
and called dormitories in those days –
and called dor  --> d orbitals ..

RD using  atomic humans

Synapse - Wikipedia
In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron.

code word --> Shape-sifters --->  human body weight shifts (overweight)

and  language shifting (see George Orwell, Oceania,
 .and word definition SCHEMES and TRICKS)  ..................

Nations of Nineteen Eighty-Four - Wikipedia
Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia are the three fictional superstates in George Orwell's satirical dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. How the world evolved into ...
Oceania · ‎Eurasia · ‎Eastasia · ‎Disputed area

Nineteen Eighty-Four - Wikipedia
Nineteen Eighty-Four, often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by ... The heroine of the novel, Julia, is based on Orwell's second wife, Sonia Orwell. As literary ..... In 1984, there is a perpetual war between Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, the superstates that emerged from the global atomic war.

1984 - Why is Oceania at war with Oceanside, California
and the Murder of Junior Seau ?

 - Science ...
May 11, 2014 - Oceania, however is always at war with only one. ..... tense of the appendix, I think George was writing from the point of view of George Orwell.

OCEANSIDE: Football great Junior Seau, 43,
in the OCEANIA language and
TC = 43 (THOUGHT CONTROL) wars ...
May 2, 2012 - Oceanside football legend and community icon Junior Seau died Wednesday morning at his beachfront home, the victim of an apparent ...

code word--> Elomin  ---->  E + lo + min -->  Electron flow mind

code --> Porter -->

Samuel O. Hengel  ...... Boy Scout droid ..... murdered ..- EH Extra
Dec 3, 2010 - Samuel O. Hengel found peace on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010 ...
He has been raised
 in  I/ O Port  of   Porterfield, Wis.
 and attended Marinette High School as a ...

Teen dies - EH Extra
Nov 30, 2010 - A barricade outside Jon and Ann Hengel's home in Porterfield expresses their ... "Sam was a 15-year-old sophomore at Marinette High School.

Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external ...
"Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations." - Herbert Spencer quotes from

A barricade outside 
A barricade outside 
A barricade outside  reflected the
Wisconsin blood/brain barrier software wars with Milwaukee Mayor Barrett and Milwaukee artists  and radio/TV/print ERRORS 

Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Aug 16, 2009 - Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett gets a little emotional when he ... And it ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood with a broken hand after ... West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth described Peters as a ...

Barrett lying in a pool of blood
Barrett lying in a pool of blood message
Barr      lying       pool of blood

Barrier...  lying / falsehoods / logic errors
.., a data buffer pool of blood
(bio--computer SOFTWARE)

Blood–brain barrier  data processing    ,,,,
English LANGUAGE / Linguistics / Dictionary   processor

 - Wikipedia–brain_barrier
The bloodbrain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective semipermeable membrane barrier that separates the circulating blood from the brain extracellular fluid in the central nervous system (CNS). The bloodbrain barrier is formed by brain endothelial cells, which are connected by tight junctions.

The bloodbrain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective semipermeable membrane barrier that separates the circulating blood from the

The bloodbrain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective semipermeable membrane barrier that separates the

INTERNAL    circulating   blood  THOUGHT language from the
EXTERNAL   newspaper    circulation of  Milwaukee Journal newspaper and its explanation ERRORS and other arrogant incomplete and biased reports

Docking protein (humanoid) from Peru
Pier 1 imports of Batavia Illinois  

arrives at the FermiLAB human  atomic  PROTEIN MACHINE 

- Biology-Online Dictionary
Aug 20, 2011 - Docking protein. Home » Docking protein. Definition. noun. A receptor on the membrane of rough endoplasmic reticulum that specifically binds ...

Pier Oddone  ( a  human boatload of proteins ) - Wikipedia
Piermaria J Oddone is a Peruvian-American particle physicist. Born in Peru in 1944, Oddone earned his bachelor's degree in Physics at the Massachusetts ...

Pier Oddone establishes  .....   a  SYMBOL MACHINE  pier
at the Wilson Hall  water pond ...  to enable pondering
over philosophical matters | symmetry magazine
Pier Oddone to retire as Fermilab director. 08/02/12. The Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Board of Directors, which manages and operates Fermi National ..

Pier Oddone of Berkeley Lab Named Fermilab Director of 

a batch of  bio-computer protein THOUGHT molecules located
at the Earth Lab   BATCH  site--> bat --> Batavia 

Fermilab news

Nov 19, 2004 - “I am delighted to announce the appointment of Pier Oddone to be Fermilab's next director,” Bernthal said. “His stature as a distinguished ...

Pier 1 Imports  from Peru  .....
 Batavia, Illinois - Location & Store Hours › Pier 1 Imports Near Me › Illinois › Pier 1 Imports in Batavia

Pier 1 Imports - #0707 at 481 North Randall in Batavia, Illinois 60510-0000: store location & hours, services, holiday hours, map, driving directions and more.

Pier 1   imports ..... .
parameters required of the imported human INTELLECTUAL product and his proper noun profile:

Randall Road --> ran --> random variable --> odds /odd

number 1  --> convert to English  word--> one

Pier  ---> Charles Darwin selection of name --> Pier .. please route the Galapagos Islands /Peru  ..EARTH LAB specimen to the ST.Charles (Darwin) region of Illinois

Docking Protein - Medical Definition from MediLexicon

Medical definition for the term 'docking protein' ... 1. protein involved in the process of translating proteins that are to be secreted from the cell; translation is ...

Properties of adaptor, docking and scaffold proteins. : Signalling ...

Mar 18, 2015 - Figure 1: Properties of adaptor, docking and scaffold proteins. From Signalling scaffolds and local organization of cellular behaviour. Lorene K.

Properties of adaptor, docking and scaffold proteins. 

Properties of adaptor, docking and scaffold proteins
at TETZ farms / Bethesda Lutheran Homes
the feeble minded ....   farm/ agriculture workers
and their human PROTEIN molecule education systems
using farm  work  ....muscle thought exercises
the S.I Hayakawa  .....  Bessie the Cow method of 
scaffold proteins LINK to the abstraction ladder

Bethesda Lutheran Home - Watertown Historical Society

ebook History of Watertown, Wisconsin. Bethesda Lutheran Home.
Bethesda Lutheran Communities. Founded 1903. 1903. 07 14
A home for feeble-minded and ...

Below, the TETZ farms protein education site for
fe = ferrous oxide iron atoms of
fe = feeble minded and their muscle learning   VIA    farm work activity with iron agriculture equipments
and 4-legged animals

Tallahassee, Florida  and Kellum Hall dormitory - Wikipedia,_Florida
Tallahassee /ˌtæləˈhæsi/ is the capital of the U.S. state of Florida. It is the county seat and only incorporated municipality in Leon County. Tallahassee became ...

Keywords--> the gate at River Gardens 

--> Rock River and Kindergar.den  (version den) attack on

Rock River ...Kindergar.ten  (version ten) Watertown, Wisconsin

Longtime employee of south side business shot, killed
in an education  battle played out at proper  noun site (Garden Fresh) 

--> pointer to education levels ......
Kindergarden/ten    to   freshman  college
Jan 31, 2017 - A 53-year-old woman died early Tuesday after being shot during a ... Karen Simek was shot just before 6 a.m. near Garden Fresh Foods, near ...

Milwaukee police appeal for university thinkers for  help in solving killing of woman outside ...
Jun 29, 2017 - Milwaukee Police are asking for the public's help in the January 2017 armed robbery that lead to
53-year-old Karen Simek's death
. ...
 31, Simek, of Oconomowoc, was arriving to work at Garden-Fresh Foods, 726 S. 12th St., when a man on foot ... RELATED: Police: Woman killed on Milwaukee's south side.

that lead to DNA molecular direction 5---> 3   .......
education message    VIA      53-year-old
Karen Simek's death database by Garden Fresh
. ...
K...................................... Gar 

Kinder Garten, Watertown, Wisconsin 

Cafeteria Trays  .... be.TRAYAL
| Plastic Serving & Food Trays | Restaurant Supply › Dining Room Supplies › Serveware › Trays
Best Prices & Huge selection of plastic service trays at Mission Restaurant Supply. Save, buy online. Enjoy wholesale pricing at MissionRS - since 1988.

Food Service Trays - Central Restaurant Products › Dining Room
Perfect for school cafeterias, food courts, buffets, etc. Browse through our selection of Compartment Cafeteria Trays, Plastic Food Trays, and Fiberglass Food .

IBM Basic assembly language(BAL)  and successors ...
the computer science BRA for female bio-computers - Wikipedia
Basic Assembly Language (BAL)
is the commonly used term for a low-level programming language
 used on IBM System/360 and successor mainframes.

The Periodic Table: Families and Periods - dummies
The vertical columns of elements are called groups, or families. (See also The ... In each period (horizontal row), the atomic numbers increase from left to right. The periods ... The newer method uses the numbers 1 through 18

The Periodic Table: Families and Periods  for adult women

The Periodic Table: Families and Periods 

Angst - Wikipedia
Angst means fear or anxiety (anguish is its Latinate equivalent, and anxious, anxiety are of similar origin). ... It is attested since the 19th century in English translations of the works of Kierkegaard and Freud. It is used in English to describe an intense feeling of apprehension, anxiety, or inner turmoil.
Existentialism · ‎Music · ‎See also · ‎References

The Concept of Anxiety - Wikipedia
The Concept of Anxiety (Danish: Begrebet Angest): A Simple Psychologically Orienting ... Kierkegaard mentions that anxiety is the presupposition for hereditary sin. ...... Lowrie could find "no adequate word to use for Angst. Lee Hollander had used the word dread in 1924, a Spanish translator used angustia, and Miguel ...

Progress · ‎
Anxiety · ‎
Supernaturalism · ‎
The first sin --> sin wave functions

Dread - New World Encyclopedia

Aug 24, 2013 - Dread or Angst as a philosophical term originated primarily through the ... Like Kierkegaard, Sartre distinguished dread from fear and related ...

Zion Nuclear Power Station - Wikipedia
This power generating station is located on 257 acres (104 ha) of Lake Michigan shoreline, in the city of Zion, Lake County, Illinois. It is approximately 40 direct-line miles north of Chicago, Illinois and 42 miles (68 km) south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Zion Nuclear Power Station was retired on February 13, 1998.

The Zion Nuclear Power Station was retired on February 13, 1998.[1] The plant had not been in operation since February 21, 1997, after a control-room operator inserted the control rods too far during a shut down of Reactor 1 and then withdrew the control rods without following procedures or obtaining supervisory permission.[3] Reactor 2 was already shut down for refueling at the time of the incident. ComEd concluded that the plant could not produce competitively priced power because it would have cost $435 million

Zion Nuclear Power Station was the third dual-reactor nuclear power plant in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) network and served Chicago and the northern quarter of Illinois. The plant was built in 1973, and the first unit started producing power in December 1973.[1] The second unit came online in September 1974.[1] This power generating station is located on 257 acres (104 ha)[2] of Lake Michigan shoreline, in the city of Zion, Lake County, Illinois. It is approximately 40 direct-line miles north of Chicago, Illinois and 42 miles (68 km) south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Zion, Illinois, struggling nearly 20 years after nuclear power plant's ...
Jun 25, 2016 - Nuclear plant shutdown in Illinois could offer lessons for SLO County. ... Nearly 20 years after the shutdown of a nuclear power plant in the small community of Zion, Illinois, the city’s finance director describes the local economy in a single word: struggling. ... Yet Zion isn’t ...

Zion Nuclear Power Station

Zion Nuclear Power Station

Z   ion Nuclear Power Station

Z    ion Nuclear Power Station  

Heme - Wikipedia
Hemeis a cofactor consisting of an Fe2+ (ferrous) ion 
contained in the centre of a ... Hemes are most commonly recognized as components of hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood, but are also found in a number of other biologically ...

Synapse - Wikipedia
In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron.

The Dream Theories of Carl Jung | dream studies portal › Dream & Sleep Research › Theories of Dreaming
Nov 25, 2009 - Except for Dr Freud, no one has influenced modern dream studies more than Carl Jung. ... The basic idea behind Jungian dream theory is that dreams reveal more than they conceal. ... Because Jung rejected Freud’s theory of dream interpretation that dreams are designed to be secretive, he ...

Dream interpretation - Wikipedia

above .... penis with wings --> implies  ........... wings imply flying / fly --> imply zipper

Richard Speck - Wikipedia
Jump to The murders - At 11:00 p.m. on July 13, 1966, Speck broke into a townhouse located on 100th Street in Chicago's Jeffery Manor neighborhood, ...

Richard Speck - Murderer -
Apr 27, 2017 - In 1966, Richard Speck committed one of the most horrifying mass murders in American history when he brutalized and killed eight student nurses living on Chicago's South Side. ... Richard Speck captured the nation's attention during the summer of 1966 after murdering eight female 

Richard Speck - Wikipedia
Richard Benjamin Speck (December 6, 1941 – December 5, 1991) was an American mass ..... by Dr. LeRoy Smith, a 25-year-old surgical resident physician,

who had read about
the "Born To Raise Hell"
tattoo in a newspaper story. The police ...

Cause of death‎: ‎Heart attack
Criminal charge‎: ‎Murder on 8 counts
Other names‎: ‎Richard Franklin Lindbergh
Criminal status‎: ‎Died in custody

the "Born To Raise Hell"
the "Born To Raise Hell"
the "Born To Raise Hell"

the "Born To Raise Hell"

the "Born To Raise Hell"
the "Born To Raise Hell"

code word --> berth --> Aunt Bertha Staerker who lived on IRON-58 isotope
...58th Street in Milwaukee in year 1958 and owned a few shares of
Santa Fe (Ferrous Oxide IRON) railroad stock  ....  whose EARTH geography surface
 of iron railroad tracks LINKS Into the EARTH  North Pole  magnetic field in the sky  .....

thus the linkage between the
North Pole  magnetic field SOFTWARE Program = SANTA Claus / sky .....
 and earth surface objects and iron tracks ...... giving COMPUTER EARTH and the daily rotation of the earth on its axis ..... a EARTH disk drive with iron tracks.

Keywords  --> cold eyes ..scream -->  subset letters --> cold  cream

--> cold ice cream CONES  and the eyes CONES
war played out at Mullins ice cream cone store in Watertown Wisconsin

On Wisconsin: EM field  ....  optical CONE feud closes
Mullen's ice cream CONE .....  Dairy Bar in Watertown; new ...
Oct 2, 2016 - Troy Milbrath, owner of Mullen's Dairy Bar and Eatery in Watertown, looks over remnants of the business that was founded in 1932. A feud with ...

On Wisconsin: EM field  .... WAR at EMMET Township/ Watertown  and the murder of Travis Zoellick by an bio-optical-subroutine programs approved by universities and the FED government 

Travis Zoellick (20) with 20/20 vision intercepts  optical ERRORS
Oct 8, 2008 - Travis Zoellick (20) shot himself after killing a man for his car and Tammy LaFave (21) and Zachary Zaborek (19) are accused of aiding him.

Travis Zoellick

Trap vision   Z    vectors in the EM field

..the Isaac Asimov equation ............

E (Z, t)    application   -->  Emmet (Zoellick, Travis)  

Northern Illinois University NODE  battle code
--> Northern    DeKalb 

- Wikipedia

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. Steven Kazmierczak opened fire with a shotgun and three pistols in a crowd of students on campus, killing five students and injuring an additional 17 people, before fatally shooting himself.

The incident happened at the campus's Cole Hall at approximately 3:05 p.m. Central Standard Time.[3]

2009 Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia
On November 5, 2009, a mass shooting took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and ...
Shootings · ‎Casualties · ‎Shooter · ‎Reaction

Army major kills 13 people in Fort Hood shooting spree - Nov 05, 2009 ...
On this day in 2009, 13 people are killed and more than 30 others are wounded, nearly all of them unarmed soldiers, when a U.S. Army officer goes on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in central Texas. The deadly assault, carried out by Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist ...

Fort Hood: What was learned from 2009 shooting? | The Seattle Times
Apr 3, 2014 - KILLEEN, Texas — In the aftermath of a massacre at Fort Hood in November 2009 that left 13 people dead,
Defense Secretary Robert Gates explained the elaborate
cover-up of the tragic signaling EVENT  

Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Defense Secretary Rob      logic Gates

Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Defense Secret ary Robert Gates
Defense Secret  array  


Home | Department of Der   .... Dermatology | Dermatology - Madison
Message from the Chairman. Welcome to the Department of Dermatology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. We are delighted ...

Dermatology - Wikipedia
Dermatology (from ancient Greek δέρμα, derma which means skin and λογία, logia) is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects.
History · ‎Training · ‎Fields

Dermatology | UW Health | Madison, WI

Dermatology | UW Health |

Contacting Governor Walker –
Office of the Governor
 of Wisconsin human skin-walkers
Scheduling inquiries from the media concerning Governor Walker should be directed to Katie Marquette in the Governor's Press Office at 907-269-7450.
Dec 18, 2015 - UW Health dermatologists in Madison, Wisconsin, are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients by diagnosing and treating diseases of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. We provide a comprehensive range of services in a tertiary care, academic-based integrated health care system.

American Academy of Dermatology
Learn more about American Academy of Dermatology at

"Find a Dermatologist" is produced by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) as references of professional information on individual dermatologists.

American Library Association - Wikipedia
The American Library Association (ALA) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that promotes libraries and library education internationally.
The American Library Association (ALA) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that promotes libraries and library education internationally.

Breast Cancer - American  Cancer Society and Library problems
Get detailed information about breast cancer risks, causes, symptoms, treatments, and more from the American Cancer Society.

Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments - Medical News ...
Rating: 4.2 - ‎326 votes
May 5, 2016 - Breast cancer usually starts off in the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply them with milk. A malignant tumor can spread to other ...

Bottom lines--> projection of doubt --> and the murder of  Sam Hengel / his message

Wisconsin Teen Samuel Hengel Dies After Shooting Self in Hostage ...
Nov 30, 2010 - A 15-year-old student, Samuel Hengel, died today after shooting himself ... Hengel pulled out a gun and shot the movie projector and ordered ...

Wis. high school reopens after class held hostage - The San Diego ...
Dec 1, 2010 - Sam Hengel brought two handguns into a Monday afternoon social ... Hengel fired at the wall and a movie projector, but students say he never ...

Wisconsin high school hostage-taker Samuel Hengel dies - BBC News
Nov 30, 2010 - Marinette Police Chief Jeff Skorik said Samuel Hengel died on Tuesday ... He then reportedly shot at the film projector and a wall, before sitting ...

Paige Raque : Penn State explains potassium molecular movies &  Fellini .....cheerleader 'day-to-day' after apartment ...
Oct 18, 2012 - Sophomore Paige Raque, 19, fell 39 feet from an off-campus housing complex on Saturday and suffered severe brain and pelvic injuries after ...

Twist in the DNA double-helix. DNA, has a deoxyribose sugar — phosphate backbone with the purine and pyrimidine bases, adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine connected to the deoxyribose sugar. ... In the double helix structure of DNA the two strands are twisted and connected by hydrogen bonds between the bases.Apr 4, 2017

Code word--> Farlax --> Far + lax shootings   

2015 San Bernardino ... Farlax subroutine attack - Wikipedia
On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 others were seriously injured in a terrorist attack consisting of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik - Wikipedia
Syed Rizwan Farook (June 14, 1987 – December 2, 2015) and Tashfeen Malik (July 13, 1986 – December 2, 2015) were the two perpetrators of a terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, 2015. In the attack, they killed 14 civilians and injured 22 others.

2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting - Wikipedia
On November 1, 2013, a shooting occurred at around 9:20 a.m. PDT in Terminal 3 of the Los ... The gunman shot TSA Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez, age 39, at the airport. Hernandez was pronounced dead after arriving at Harbor-UCLA ...
Shooting · ‎Victims · ‎Suspect · ‎Aftermath

LAX shooter  CIA double agent with Louis DeBrogie duality  ....
the rigged information TRIAL of Paul Ciancia
Sep 1, 2016 - Paul           Cia  n  cia, 
the gunman whose 2013 rampage at Los Angeles International ... including the murder of TSA Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez.

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia
Systems Network Architecture (SNA) is IBM's proprietary networking architecture, created in 1974. It is a complete protocol stack for interconnecting computers ...

What is Systems Network Architecture (SNA)? - IBM
Systems Network Architecture (SNA) is a data communication architecture established by IBM to specify common conventions for communication among the wide array of IBM hardware and software data communication products and other platforms. Among the platforms that implement SNA in ...

code word --> talos --> tal + os

--> Tallahassee operating system
with  the Paul Dirac atomic DATABASE  

...base 16 coffin 

Blood vessel - Wikipedia
The blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system that transports blood throughout the human body. There are three major types of blood vessels: the ...
Artery · ‎Capillary · ‎Vein · ‎Sinusoid (blood vessel)

Vein - Wikipedia

Veins are blood vessels that carry blood ... When a vein is drained of blood and removed from an organism, it appears ...
Internal jugular · ‎Azygos · ‎Pulmonary vein · ‎External jugular vein

Axiom of choice - Wikipedia

In mathematics, the axiom of choice, or AC, is an axiom of set theory equivalent to the statement that the Cartesian product of a collection of non-empty sets is non-empty. It states that for every indexed family of nonempty sets there exists an indexed family of elements such that for every .

M-theory - Wikipedia
M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of superstring theory. The existence of such a theory was first conjectured by Edward Witten at a string theory conference at the University of Southern California in the spring of 1995.

Introduction to M-theory WAR ...... letter 13 in the alphabet - Wikipedia
In non-technical terms, M-theory presents an idea about the basic substance of the universe. So far no experimental evidence exists showing that M-theory is a ...
Background · ‎Status · ‎References

code words--> registry   verify the ID
--> Regis verify IDIOT

Co-hosts Regis Philbin, left,
and Kelly Ripa are shown during the broadcast of "Live with Regis and Kelly," Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011, in New York.

 Philbin announced Tuesday that he will be retiring from the show this year. Philbin has hosted the morning talk show for more than a quarter-century, most recently sharing hosting duties with Kelly Ripa.

Hindu - Wikipedia
Hindu refers to any person who regards themselves as culturally, ethnically, or religiously adhering to aspects of Hinduism. It has historically been used as a ...

Hinduism - Wikipedia
Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life, widely practiced in the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism ... Prominent themes in Hindu beliefs include the four Puruṣārthas, the proper goals or aims of human life, namely Dharma (ethics/duties), Artha ...

Code --> Yavin 4   --> subset code   --->   Yn  4 ----->  giving

Police release info on Kathryn  4-day disappearance, not why she left
Nov 14, 2013 - Authorities revealed more details about Kathryn Stalbaum's four-day disappearance but underscored that her age prevents them from ...

Police release info on Kathryn  4-day 

code words--> considered cutting
-->  .............................. red    cu  

hy Copper Is Reddish in Color - Flinn Scientific
Did you ever wonder why most common metals are silver in color except copper and gold? ... Copper, on the other hand, has a distinctive red-orange color.

Let's look  at some articles

application -->     (X exponent 2 )   minus  16   = 0  (let zero = O = Oxygen)

The 2 roots  at +4   and - 4


codes --> Actress Benedetta  Buccellato --->
.....................................................cell  ..ato --> cell  & atom relationship

Fermilab | About Fermilab
Jan 5, 2017 - Fermilab's 6,800-acre site is located in
Batavia, Illinois
, and is managed by the

Fermi Research Alliance LLC for the

U.S. Department of Energy ...

Code name-->   Carol Beckwith  -->  BEC  agent

secret codes
--> BeckwitH and  Angela Fischer
--> BeckwitH and  Angela Fischer
-->  .............H and  Angel   
--> the writing HAND of Angel Fisher  .....
........................................... Ang + el

--> Angstrom/wavelengths of light 
with el = Elements of Style

Generation data sets - IBM
To create or retrieve a generation data set, follow the generation data group name in the DD statement DSNAME parameter with a relative generation number.

Processing Generation Data Groups on
Base 16     HEX/curse day of April 16, 2007
at  Virginia  TECH  

The catalog management routines use the absolute generation name. Older data sets have smaller absolute numbers. The relative name is a signed integer ...

Generation Data Sets - IBM
No automatic cataloging of generation data sets (GDS) takes place. If certain generation data sets of a generation data group are to be cataloged, you must ...

IBM MAINFRAME: GDG generation define and reference.. › JCL & VSAM
Sep 20, 2008 - 20 posts - ‎8 authors
So the GDG numbers are updated with the version created in ... APPENDIX1.2 Appendix B. Generation Data Sets from the z/OS V1R6.0 MVS JCL User's Guide. .... Either using relative generation numbers or explicit GooVoo 
--> GooVoo Loganathan killed 

in GooVOO ......
........... VOODOO   computer science wars...

IBM MAINFRAME: GDG generation define and reference.. › JCL & VSAM
Sep 21, 2008 - 8 posts - ‎3 authors
This is effectively the same as creating two ordinary datasets except that one of ... Either using relative generation numbers 
or explicit GooVoo ...

Sam Sheppard - Famous rigged information  Trials
... Sam Sheppard, was brutally murdered in the bedroom of their home in Bay Village
, Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie. Sam Sheppard denied any involvement in ...

bedroom of their home in Bay Village
bedroom of their home in Bay Village
bedroom of their home in Bay V    -->  Vulva

bedroom of their home in Bay Village
bedroom of their home in Bay Village
bedroom of their home in Bay V  --> W -->

Watch neuroscience television  .......
secret body language and name codes  --> 

Pam Anderson - Wikipedia
Pamela Denise Anderson (born July 1, 1967) is a Canadian American actress and model. Anderson is best known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P. after rising to fame as Playmate of the Month for Playboy ...

above words
--> your  PC -->  your Person (biology)   Computer

above words

--> Creative

--> Cr +  eat  --> cranium (memory )

eaters (word/  language cannibal subroutines) 

Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia  ......
.......  incomplete and cover-up explanations 

| Alzheimer's Association
Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. ... Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. ... Approximately 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease (also known as early-onset ...

Memory loss that disrupts daily life may be a symptom of Alzheimer's or another dementia. Alzheimer's is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. ... One of the most common signs of Alzheimer's is memory loss, especially forgetting recently ...

Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the ...

Imelda Marcos explains BRAIN langauge tricks - Wikipedia
Imelda Marcos (née Romuáldez, born 2 July 1929) is the widow of Ferdinand Marcos, the 10th president of the Philippines. She served as First Lady from 1965 ...

Imelda Marcos shoe museum: The excess of a regime that still haunts ...
Oct 1, 2016 - As first lady of the Philippines for more than 20 years, Imelda Marcos was known for her extravagant and opulent lifestyle, including her special ...

Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos
 meld --->   DR. Spock       vulcan meld 

 meld --->   DR. Spock       vulcan meld  ....... 

as male scientists  ...sub-conscious MIND is tricked into  a

mind MELD with fetus/baby nonsense and social policy 

 meld --->   DR. Spock       vulcan meld  ....... Vul  --> Vulva MELD to worship 

vulva and pregnant women / overflow population /
violations on the
Margaret Mead nuclear arms, elbows, mouth SUM
 total treaty  .... the SUMMIT Treaty  ... SALT treaty 

Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos
         da Marcos  --> data  macros

Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos
Imelda Mar   cos --> Mar/damage  / hurt /kill the  bio-math
Cosine wave agents ......  the Cossack  sacks

2015 Waco cosine wave  shootout - Wikipedia
On May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas, a shootout erupted at a Twin Peaks restaurant where ... after the shootout started. Nine bikers were killed,
seven of them members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, while eighteen others were injured.

Cossacks Motorcycle Club
Cos ..       Motorcycle Club
Cosine ..........cycle 
....... human representatives Club

code words--> Mary --> Math array / linear algebra / matrices

EARTH geography surface and its mathematical features 
...... rows and columns of Mary --> Maryland with
agent for 

---> Line  of data that travels/trip parallel processing
---> Line data trip  parallel --> Linda Tripp

Code word--> Jerry March and Jerry Lewis (Lewis dot structures
using  television  electron guns arrays of phosphor dots)

Phosphor dots - Wikipedia
A phosphor, most generally, is a substance that exhibits the phenomenon of luminescence. ... BaMgAl10O17:Eu2+ (BAM), a plasma display phosphor, undergoes ..... The black and white television screens require an emission color close to .... with Yellow persistence, 558,440 nm, –, Long, CRT, Radar PPI, old EKG monitors.

Cathode ray tube - Wikipedia
The cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube that contains one or more electron guns and a phosphorescent screen, and is used to display images. It modulates, accelerates, and deflects electron beam(s) onto the screen to ... Flat panel displays can also be made in very large sizes; whereas 38" to 40" was about the largest ...

Color TV Screen - How Television Works | HowStuffWorks › ... › Home Audio & Video › TV Technology

Instead, the
screen is
coated with red, green and blue phosphors arranged in dots
or stripes. If you turn on your TV or computer monitor and look closely at the

code words  -->  Thorne  & Smith astrophysics .......

Harvard–Smithsonian (pussy)  Center for Astrophysics - Wikipedia–Smithsonian_Center_for_Astrophysics

The Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is one of the largest and most diverse astrophysical institutions in the world, where scientists carry out a ...

astrophysical institutions
astrophysical institutions
   trophy  ............tit  ut --> uterus 

Meet the new trophy wives | New York Post
Sep 23, 2013 - 'Trophy Wife' Malin Akerman knows plenty about blended families ... a successful chiropractor with a practice on Wall Street, the former Elite ...

with carbon atomic number 6 (six) language of
--.>    Carbon  Language --> Carl Sagan  ......

the citizen / state and federal court ERRORS in molecule social and economic  LAWS

Bandwidth | Define Bandwidth at
Bandwidth definition, Telecommunications. the smallest range of frequencies constituting a band within which a particular signal can be transmitted without ...

What is bandwidth? - Definition from › Bandwidth and capacity planning › Telecom
Aug 13, 2014 - Learn how the word bandwidth is defined differently in computer networking, electronic communications and business.

Define bandwidth: a measurement of the ability of an electronic communications device or system (such as a computer network)… — bandwidth in a sentence.


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